About us

Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVAC&R)

  • Liquid pressure amplifiers
  • Power Excel HVAC-Refrigeration Performance Additive
  • Electronic thermostats, humastats, temperature limiters, set back controls
  • Chiller optimizers, evaporative pre-coolers and economizers
  • Plate and frame heat exchangers, thermal storage
  • Efficient chiller, AC and refrigeration unit replacements
  • Energy management systems, Microprocessor load controllers
  • Variable speed drives
  • Optimized maintenance (present, preventative, monthly or seasonal services)
  • Air duct sealing

Lighting Systems

  • New T-8/T-5, Electronic Ballasts, LED, HID or fiber optic system retrofits
  • High performance compact fluorescents
  • Photometrically engineered reflectors and lens covers
  • Photo cells, time clocks, infrared or ultrasonic occupancy sensors
  • High intensity Discharge retrofits (LPS, HPS, MH)
  • Exit sign, signage, exterior, lot, fluorescent and incandescent retrofit systems

Resistive Technologies

  • Electric to gas conversions
  • Time clock, occupancy load controllers, Hot water heater insulation blankets
  • Optimized Maintenance

Equipment Motor Load Technologies

  • Variable speed and variable frequency drives
  • High efficiency motor replacements
  • Motor controllers
  • Power quality analysis, new meter, surge suppressors, load balancers

Gas Energy Technologies

  • Boiler load controllers
  • Gas load reset controllers
  • Co Generation Systems, Heat Exchangers for waste heat recovery
  • Optimized maintenance (Retubing, Heat exchanger cleaning, Flame peaking)

Green Power and Other Technologies

  • Solar and demand hot water heaters
  • Solar pool heating
  • Solar window film, sun screens, xeriscaping
  • Day lighting and sky lighting systems
  • Insulation and weatherization
  • Ceramic reflective roof coatings
  • Wind and Solar power, Emergency Power and Off-Grid Power Generation

One of the first questions everyone asks is "HOW are you going to save me so much money?" We certainly answer that question in full with our comprehensive analysis of your particular building. Naturally you need to know that we're not going to do anything to disrupt your operations nor install anything that will harm your machinery or equipment. In fact, everything that we do is recommended by all the equipment manufacturers because we help extend the life of your equipment since it is running more efficiently. But really, at the end of the day, we're selling savings.


However, we understand some people may want a more thorough answer up front so here it is. Keep in mind that no project will utilize all of the listed solutions. We will not know which solutions are right for your particular installation until we talk with you and inspect your locations. But in general, here's how we achieve most of our energy savings:


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Solar Panel Remove & Replace Service


We're one of the few companies in town that will remove and replace your entire solar system in order for roofing contractors to go in and work on your roof or put a new one on. We can work with insurance adjusters or directly with homeowners and business owners.