Harry Nations - C.E.O., Founder

In 1987, Harry started Spectra Engineering; a company dedicated to designing high performance, commercial, industrial lighting systems. “We were doing things in the late 80’s no one had heard of, but no one could refute the results” either. During the Spectra years, Harry spent considerable time researching all the best power technologies available. Out of that, Tucson Energy Group was born, a total energy solutions company.


Tucson Energy Group started in 1993 with one goal, to be the premier energy management company in the country. The name was changed in 2010 to reflect the expansion outside our Southwestern Arizona home turf. He now oversees all departments at Power & Light Group and heads up the entire Energy Consulting and Project Management Division. The Authorized Dealer Network and Residential Energy Inspection Divisions are also his primary concern. Harry has over 20 years experience in the Custom Home, Commercial Construction Industry and possesses superior knowledge in all the trades.


He’s also a degreed businessman and a Certified Energy Consultant with a history of proven success! Harry’s goals are simple: Promise Less, Deliver More! He points out… that Knowledge is Power, Power is Money, and the efficient use of it saves! So lets get busy… together we can all make positive changes!