The Power & Light Group is one of the premier Energy Savings Companies (ESCO) in the Southwest. Over the last twenty years we have succeeded by listening to our clients, and have utilized a successful approach to developing cost saving, bottom line solutions to lowering energy costs.

We understand that you pay your energy bills with profits, and it makes total sense that every dollar saved is another dollar earned in profit. Most of the businesses we have helped were under the impression that energy

costs were fixed and could not be lowered without seriously sacrificing comfort levels. In the old days, that was fact. Since then, power costs have skyrocketed and energy technologies have vastly improved. Maintaining and improving your buildings aesthetics and comfort levels is our primary goal. Saving energy and money becomes a huge benefit.

Every business owner is concerned with increasing sales in order to increase profit. Yet, there exists, in most buildings, an opportunity to earn a very substantial profit without added cost in advertising, extra workforce, added inventory or longer business hours. In fact, you’re already budgeted for this project. You need only reap the rewards made available through proven load saving technology.

Hiring us to explore the possibilities is an important first step and we’re glad you’re making it. We won’t let you down! We’ve developed a unique approach to energy cost reduction. Our projects yield a rate of return that is far higher than almost any form of investment vehicle available today.

We have some great news for you! Rest assured, we have helped hundreds of companies just like yours to lower costs, improve the bottom line and vastly improve the look and feel of their operations. We have helped these customers to become more productive, their work environments more aesthetically pleasing and their businesses more profitable!

At the Power & Light Group, we are results oriented and committed to the satisfaction of our clients. We guarantee all of our savings projections in writing. You will be pleased to know that we have never had a savings shortfall since our company’s inception. Your efforts are commendable and we would like to thank you for exploring the opportunity that’s before you.

- Harry Nations, Founder